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This homepage was launched in August 2018 well before my 10th anniversary as art photographer in May 2019 and well in advance of my exhibition at the Global Art Affairs Foundation’s show as an official part of the Venice Biennale 2019.

It doesn’t only show my works, it gives you background and philosophy. If you spend a little time here, you get to know the works and myself better than at most other photography sites and shops.

– contain the background, “story” and selected photos theme-by-theme. Read it quickly and you’ll understand my works much better. Each also has a gallery/slider where you can enlarge each photo. From each Portfolio, you may go straight to the Shop and see more and even buy a piece.

My “Rouen Cathedral Series”, flanked by one of Roy Lichtenstein’s 1969 “Rouen Cathedrals”, both inspired by Monet…

– contains articles about my work, ideas, processes and works in progress, prints, exhibitions, projects, etc.

– is external and there I write, from August 2018, nothing about myself but only about other artists, their works, and about art fairs, art books etc. – things that I love to share with you. I am an art recommender, not an art critic.

– explains what that is and how to find my works, photo stories, on the Exposure platform.

“Oberg” menu
– my background, way of thinking about what I do and why, mentor, and more.

“Print Info & FAQ”
– tells you all you ever wanted to know about print processes, formats, media, authenticity, edition runs, numbering, signature and forwarding to you. It’s your guarantee that you get something absolutely special when you make a purchase. And that you know everything before you select, put in your cart, check out and buy.

– is organized to mirror the Portfolios. Inside each category it offers detailed info and ways to choose formats etc., you can search the details of each image by using the enlargement tool and even comment on the work – which I am grateful if you do.

Always go to Contact in case you need more information or want to reach me for some other reason.

“Kyoto Bike Shop”

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