These are the exhibitions I have arranged or been invited to since May 2009 – 2016.

The list continues on Oberg PhotoGraphics new homepage under “Info”.

22. Konstkvällen i Lund – Art Evening in Lund – opens on October 15, 2016, 17-23. Many works from exhibition 21 a month earlier remain on the walls, but there are also about 10 new works. Photographer Kwesi Olsson presents his new photobook homepage skoobotohp.com and a selection of his books; I speak about the ongoing “photolution“.
The exhibition is on until later that autumn.


21. Salång PåGång – Salon GoingsOn – opens at Cultural Night, September 17, 2016 – with 30+ brand new images from Iran, Montenegro, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and a few experimental photo paintings done with digital brushes.


20. The “Abstract Real” exhibition opens on March 23, 2016. Here some abstract prints on that theme on the homepage. And the video of that exhibit here.


19. The exhibition “Pictures At An Exhibition” opens at the Art Evening in Lund on 17th of October, 2015. It’s images of people watching art in Iran, at the Basel Art and The Biennale. The Rouen Cathedral Suite remains on show, video of it here.

18. “Salong PåGång – Salon GoingsOn” at Cultural Night on September 19, 2015. Opening also a new exhibition space that contains new photos on the walls and a large peace library in the middle of the room. See video of both here. The exhibition also contains my new Rouen Cathedral Suite, ten piece inspired by both Claude Monet’s paintings and Roy Lichtenstein’s series from 1969.

17. The exhibition “People Of Islam” opens on April 3, 2015. Here a background.


16. Art Evening in Lund on October 18, 2014 with new works and two mini-lectures:


15. “Salång PåGång – Salon Goings On” 30+ new works on the walls on September 20, 2014, with two mini-lectures.


14. Konstkvällen – The Art Evening – on the 3rd Saturday of October – mixed new and old works plus public debate about cultural life of Lund.

13. “Salång PåGång – Salon Goings On” – September 21-22, 2013 for Kulturnatten (Cultural Night) in Lund; with mixed new and old works, what is going on at the moment.

12. Easter Art Round – Konstrundan – did not participate with my studio, online-only exhibition this year, March 2013. Several new works to be seen.

11. “Convertibles” – Experimental photography by Anders Jönsson, master printer, and Jan Oberg – October 20, 2012 (The Lund Art Evening). More here.

10. “The Africa Of Hope” at Willys Ram Gallery in Lund – September 8, 2012 (The Lund Cultural Night).


09. “Insights – Outlooks” – April 6, 2012


08. “From War To Peace” – Exhibition by Sören Sommelius and Jan Oberg at Bibliotek Väst in Lund – January 17, 2012

07. “Between War & Peace” – Photos by Soren Sommelius – July 14, 2011


06. “Pixels Unlimited” – March 23, 2011


05. “Natural Beauties Of Burundi” – October 23, 2010


04. “Digital Essays” – April 2, 2010


03. “Meantime Good Time” – September 19, 2009


02. “Rivad. Grand Old Man of Danish Photography” – June 20, 2009


01. “No Images Here” – May 9, 2009




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