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The SPAR project culminates in exhibiting the photo-based but multi-media installation at the “Personal Structures – Open Borders” exhibition arranged by the Global Art Affairs (GAA) Foundation and  the European Cultural Centre. It will take place at Palazzo Mora in the context of the Venice Biennale, opening on May 11 and closing on November 24, 2019.

Here some details.

The European Cultural Centre and Palazzo Mora in Venice

The invitation came from the Dutch Global Art Affairs (GAA) Foundation to participate in the exhibition “Personal Structures – Open Borders” subtitled Time • Space • Existence, organized by the GAA Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Centre in the context of the Venice Biennal 2019. It takes place at the Palazzo Mora in Venice. It was a wonderful surprise for me.

Over the years I have held exhibitions only in my studio in Lund and used my photo homepage, this blog,  Instagram and Vimeo as a sort of online exhibition of my works and reached out by irregularly emailed messages that I call PostArts. I had obviously been found via the Internet by artist Rene Rietmeyer who initiated the Personal Structures concept back in 2002 and was, he told me, searching for ways to focus more on photography than in the previous years.

I felt strongly that was an opportunity I must give my best to realize. So in November 2017, I went down to Venice for the Biennale and then also met with the GAA people and saw the exhibition (as I had also in 2015). It contained so much creativity, quality and diversity by both known and not-so-known artists from 50 countries around the world.

And as you’ll see in the pictures here, it is an incredibly beautiful venue with several floors, a great variety of rooms and light, renovated while maintaining the ambience of the classical palace style. It had attracted no less than 300.000 visitors worldwide from May to November. My contacts there are now Lucia Pedrana – who, by the way, is also developing GAA’s relations with the Chinese art world – and Alessandra Valle.


Palazzo Mora, Venice








The project will be documented along the way on this blog, on my Instagram account and, now and then, on Facebook and Google+. It shall open up the possibility of interaction, cooperation and synergy with people who, for this or that reason, take interest in it, may help or find contacts too.

And I am thinking also that of producing a book with the works as well as the process of creating them.



References & liaison

Ms Lucia Pedrana
The GAA Foundation
Venice, Italy
Phone: +39 346 7603386




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